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Videos available showing independence drive routes in and around Ipswich on our Facebook page, Youtube or on Google Drive

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There are going to be  4 main changes to the test  in december are:

  • the independent driving part of the test  increases to 20 minutes in december,
  • candidates will be asked to follow directions from a sat nav and the reversing manoeuvres will be changed, the other changes  will include answering a vehicle safety question whilst driving. The old test, will not disappear completely as 1 in 4 test will still follow it. 



Driving lessons provided in and around Ipswich covering the full DVSA syallbus and using the coaching approach, that is, structuring the lessons around the pupil's needs. Driving Lessons planned beween instructor and pupil. this appraoch enables the pupils to become an independent driver. Some lessons can be videoed if required to help you assess your strenghts and weakness.



Recommned Study apps, includes the AA, or the DVSA  apps.  You should study little and often- but make sure you do study, you can always ask your instructor for help.  There are two parts in the theory, the Hazard preception, consisting of 14 clips where you are expected to identify 1 hazard in each, and 2 on one of them.   Then there are the  theory questions. The pass mark for the theory is 43/50 questions. 44/75 from 14 video clips. Feel free to try our theory questions in PDF format on the resources page.



The practical test consists of 2 parts, driving  fully directed, and 10 minutes of independent driving, You will also be expected to complete one manoeuvre, this could be a, left reverse, or reverse park, or turn in the road, or reversing into a parking bay.  see the link below for more information - safe driving for life. The new test will be covered nearer the time, that starts on the 4th December. See news section on this page for more information.


The Driving Instructors


Sandy has been a driving instructors for 10 years, previously having been a teacher in FE colleges.

Dominie, daughter of the above,became a fully licienced driving instructor in July 16, but has already acheived awesome pass results from her  pupils.  see reviews below.